Luke Battiloro Consulting Retainer

Luke Battiloro Consulting Retainer

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Shopify Partner - Google Partner - Facebook/Meta Pro 

- Includes One Hour Per Week Zoom Call Meeting. 

- Dramatic Increase In Your Sales And Your Brand Awareness.

- Review Your Facebook and Google Ads.

- Review and Instruct Your Marketing Team Strategy For The Week.

- Review Your Long And Short Term SEO. 

- Improve Your Click Through Rate (CTR)

- Key Word Analysis Of Your Brand.

- Review Your Email and SMS Strategies.

Why Choose The Ghost

Reason #1

Lukes has a very distinct set of skills from years of hard experience and not being like you or I.

He exists in a world beyond our world.

He is a unflynching, calculating machine.

His brilliance in the ability to do what he does while simultaneously sky rocketing sales are unparalleled in any industry he is involved in.

Reason #2

Luke creates market segments in verticals untouched by any.

He is exceptionally charismatic in his approach to every detail.

What we only fantasize he does while maintaining a humble presence.

Luke solves problems.

  • "Learning never exhausts the mind."

Leonardo da Vinci

Luke Battiloro Forbes Business Council