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Luke Battiloro Consulting Retainer
Luke Battiloro Consulting Retainer
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Shopify Partner - Google Partner - Facebook/Meta Pro 

- Includes One Hour Per Week Zoom Call Meeting. 

- Dramatic Increase In Your Sales And Your Brand Awareness.

- Review Your Facebook and Google Ads.

- Review and Instruct Your Marketing Team Strategy For The Week.

- Review Your Long And Short Term SEO. 

- Improve Your Click Through Rate (CTR)

- Key Word Analysis Of Your Brand.

- Review Your Email and SMS Strategies.

The Ghost

Luke has a very distinct set of skills from years of hard experience and not being normal.

He exists in a world beyond our world.

He is a unflynching, calculating machine.

His brilliance in the ability to do what he does while simultaneously sky rocketing sales are unparalleled in any industry he is involved in.

Luke creates market segments in verticals untouched by any.

He is exceptionally charismatic in his approach to every detail.

What we only fantasize he does while maintaining a humble presence.

Luke solves problems.

Artificial Intelligence
Luke Battiloro, with his deep expertise in artificial intelligence and intricate grasp of payment processing history, has risen as a technological savant, merging the potential to comprehend, assess, and interact with any application. His noteworthy relationship with Jeff Knowles further enriches his experiential understanding, highlighting the potency of collaboration and network in the ever-evolving tech world. Battiloro exemplifies the capacities that the convergence of AI and financial technology can attain.
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