Luke Battiloro Brings Art in a Bottle with Vavoom Vodka

luke battiloro Leonardo da Vinci
This top-shelf spirit is more than just a luxury vodka, it’s a world-class art piece.


Inspired to create a distinctive vodka worth bringing over to any party or gifting to a loved one and putting on the top shelf, Luke Battiloro joined the multi-billion distillery industry to produce a premium spirit that will satisfy his taste. He even went as far as sculpting his bottle to bring his luxury drink up a notch. Thus, Vavoom Vodka came to be.

And of course, a fine, classy drink deserves an elegant, show-stealing bottle. Luke went through many designs until he came up with a very detailed sculpture of a woman that perfectly matched the smooth and silky taste of his vodka. The bottle is a piece of art in itself. Luke designed and made the sculpture out of clay and bronze. He then took his creation to Bruni Glass in Milan, Italy, known as the finest glass manufacturer in the world. The handmade Italian glass sculpture came out perfectly, serving two purposes–storing the classy and smooth-tasting premium vodka and a bespoke piece and conversation starter.

luke battiloro tony robins

Luke and Vavoom work tirelessly to keep their exclusive brand identity. The company thrives on its instant brand awareness, thanks to the artistic and eye-catching Italian glass bottle. The easily-recognizable and jaw-dropping bottle combined with the smooth taste of the vodka, Vavoom Vodka is now making its way to the top shelf of high-end clubs, restaurants, and the top shelves of vodka enthusiasts across the US. Soon, Luke’s eye-catching vodka bottle/art piece will be in more homes around the globe than any Italian artist’s works.

luke battiloro power pose

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About Luke Battiloro

Luke Battiloro is the founding CEO of Vavoom Vodka, a 100% gluten-free high-end spirit packaged in a first-of-its-kind, world-class Italian handmade glass Vodka bottle. Luke is an entrepreneur focused on internet marketing, built his own CRM software, and serves as a business consultant in the internet, marketing, production, customer service, and human resources.