Behind-the-Scenes with Luke Battiloro & Early Beginnings

Behind-the-Scenes with Luke Battiloro & Early Beginnings

Vavoom Vodka, with Stai Bella or Stay Beautifulas their mission statement, presents itself as an exceptionally elegant and classy high-end vodka brand.

Luke Battiloro, the founder and CEO of Vavoom Vodka, chose ‘Stai Bella’ to be their brand message to promote female empowerment in an industry that was otherwise overcrowded with rampant masculinity. Which is an admirable goal, to be sure.

Tricity Daily even describes Vavoom as a brand devoted to “giving back to the community,” referencing Vavoom’s Vavoom Fund and their I Choose to Live campaign, both of which are charitable components connected to Vavoom Vodka that “goes on to pay for cancer research and the everyday bills of patients fighting cancer.”

Continue reading to take a look at what else Vavoom Vodka has going on behind-the-scenes as we unravel their early beginnings and reveal the true Vavoom Vodka Experience:


Luke Battiloro, dubbed as the CEO that Swims with Sharks by SeekersTime for being a distinctive entrepreneur that is constantly pushing boundaries in the name of success, is the captain at the helm of Vavoom Vodka.

He built the brand from the ground up. Having gotten the idea to start up his own vodka company after being inspired to create a one-of-a-kind vodka that would be worth bringing over to any party and putting on the top shelf. He even went so far as to sculpt the bottle of the Vavoom vodka himself! An experience he details in an interview, where he says:

“Sculpting figures is an art form just as much as it was an anatomy lesson. I think I went through seven designs, at least. Until I was able to create an extremely detailed sculpture of a woman’s figure that matched what I was picturing in my head.”

In that interview, he goes on to describe the process of producing the vodka itself, which is 100% gluten-free, grain-based, five times distilled, three times finished, and cleansed through an advanced and environmentally friendly filtering process to ensure a smooth and clean drinking experience. Evidently, Battiloro spared no expense in the vodka’s development:

“The vodka itself took years of development. I wanted to make sure that the taste was able to live up to our larger-than-life bottle, of course. But, even more than that, I wanted people to drink our vodka and have the taste exceed their high expectations.”

Altogether, with an elegant, show-stealing bottle and a smooth and silky taste that enables it to compete with even the bigger vodka brands in the market, Battiloro was able to realize his vision of a special, high-end vodka that people can both enjoy and treasure.

He fully lived up to his reputation as the CEO that “swims with sharks,” or rather, a CEO that is willing to take big risks, after deciding to sell his vodka exclusively online. A move that most other marketers would no doubt balk at. And yet, had resulted in his success!

“The alcohol industry is big and it’s majorly competitive. It stands at almost $30 billion, and it’s only going to continue growing. Because of that, just like many other major industries, it’s a very difficult space to make your own.

I took on the challenge of founding Vavoom Vodka despite that, but I knew that I had to think outside of the box and do something new. In doing so, Vavoom Vodka became the first vodka to ever be sold online.” – Luke Battiloro

Despite the chaos and lows brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, Vavoom Vodka managed a 300% growth rate that rivaled even some of their bigger competitors. All of whom were left chasing after Vavoom’s pre-established and secure online customer service.


Knowing all that, how would you describe the Vavoom Vodka ‘experience?’

Personally, I see it as a carefully cultivated affair. One that captures the liveliness that Luke Battiloro wanted in a show-stealing vodka worthy of being the star of any dinner party while still classy and elegant enough to belongon the top shelf of any vodka enthusiast.