Luke Battiloro on “Be Beautiful, Be You” Vavoom's Massive Transformative Action

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luke battiloro vavoom vodka

“Be Beautiful, Be You” with Vavoom Vodka

Vavoom Vodka Luke Battiloro Empower Yourself

Liquor entrepreneur and founder, Luke Battiloro brought his carefully crafted vodka to the US market to provide a top-notch drinking experience. “We wanted to give this new generation of consumers a vodka to call their own” Battiloro said. “People want something new. Not just an Ultra-Premium spirit, but something that evokes an emotional response. With our packaging and our branding, the focus was to bring Beauty, Style, and ultimately Empowerment to the masses. I think what we’ve created with Vavoom Vodka has done just that.”

Not only is the unique, artisan packaging appealing to the eyes, but the smooth, strong finish of the contents inside are appealing to the taste buds as well. rated Vavoom the “Best Overall Vodka” in their 16 Best Vodkas for 2020 article. Additionally, it was rated with numerous five-star reviews from customers all over the world on the Vavoom website. 

This high-end booze is the perfect addition to any bar collection or social celebrations and is the ideal gift to give to a loved one. Bottles are available for